Multi Model Adaptive Control
An application of the robust multi-model identification in combination with a control design procedure is presented in this code, which led to a controller with a guaranteed robust performance. This code consists of two parts: a Unix (Linux) implementation for simulation; and the real-time implementation of the proposed MPC algorithm. The latter requires an embedded controller with higher computation power. Therefore, powerful Digital Signal Processors (DSPs) that existed at the time of the design were selected for building the controller. The DSPs developed by the Texas Instruments Incorporated, TMS320C6711 and TMS320C6713, were identified as most suitable as multi processing embedded controllers.

The enclosed software was not intended for publishing purposes, rather it is available as a resources for other researchers who may wish to adopt it in their own research projects. To obtain the software, click here. Any feedback from users of this code would be greatly appreciated. Please send your comments to